Know your fluff?

Let us help you navigate the cloth diaper world!

Interested in cloth diapers but not sure what to choose and where to start? Cloth diapers today aren’t like they used to be. Your grandmother’s pins and rubber pants have been replaced by easy-to-use all-in-ones with adorable prints and lots of styles. But as great as it is to have so many eco-friendly options, navigating the choices can get a little confusing. If your decision between prefolds and pockets is feeling as complicated as choosing your baby’s name, let me help you figure out your options.

Please join us for a cloth diaper crash course learn more about how to use cloth diapers. Learn about the different types of cloth diapers available today, and the pros and cons of each. You will leave feeling knowledgeable about different diapering systems available, cost saving and environmental impact, what you need to get started, and how to care for cloth diapers!

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Renee Yarrington
Renee Yarrington
Nerd of all things Birthy

About the instructor

Renee Yarrington is a birth and postpartum doula, midwifery student and apprentice, and cloth diaper mama and educator who believes every woman should be able to experience motherhood in any way they chose and be supported in the process. Her passion for cloth diapering came after months of battling rashes and allergies with her daughter. That passion led her to become a cloth diaper advocate so she could spread the knowledge and love of cloth diapering. She also runs the local Diapers for Delmarva cloth diaper bank with her business partner Nichole. Diapers for Delmarva provides cloth diapers and reusable menstrual care products to Delmarva families in addition to disposable products when they are available.


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